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Dreams don´t work until we do… My passion for the Canary Islands began in 1984, when I first visited the paradise of Tenerife. As a German engineer, my job has taken me all over the world, but I was always drawn back to the Canaries to spend my quality time in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Visit after visit, it was clear that settling on the island was the next step. In 2012, I extended my business to Tenerife and developed my first luxury space in the Canaries, Villa Madroñal. Villa Madroñal was shared with visitors and was eventually sold to one passionate guest who was elated with the quality and the attractive space design.

As time went on, more and more experienced professionals joined our network and LUX VILLASTM was born.
The spaces we design are unique with deep and attentive deliberations focusing on where and how to create the most modern, ecological, functional and engaging leisure spaces of innovative nature. Our life’s passion is at work to create places for your pleasure. Join us today for the sake of tomorrow.

Boris Groth

What we do We develop, manage, operate and sell luxury real estate. We work with our own portfolio, but also offer the full range of our services to investors. Well connected on the Canary Islands, LUX VILLASTM is supported by a team of local skilled professionals, as well as a vast network worldwide. We find the best business opportunities and take over the project planning, implementation and subsequent operation for our investors.


In close cooperation with our agency and client representatives, our comprehensive knowledge of our clients and their requirements is unique.

Our team is here to help you carry out any planning as well as develop feasibility studies and architectural designs for all phases of residential and institutional projects. Working together with internationally renowned architects and designers, our top-tier architectural and design services offer a modern and economically viable approach to the design, interior design, spatial planning and project management of luxury properties.

Planning and implementing individual smart-buildings (IoT) and ambient security technology is realised according to your wishes together with our German technology partners.


Our services comprises providing construction documentation, bidding and negotiation, contracts and legal counselling, construction management and administration, space planning, detailed interior designing and selecting and purchasing furnishings.

One of the most effective ways to ensure a smooth and efficient path for discretionary entitlement approvals is to consult with the decision makers early and often throughout the process.

We facilitate productive communication with city staff, council members, planning commissioners and other critical decision makers throughout the course of project development and entitlement permit processing.


Our team members have the skills, expertise and global reach to advise you on whatever real estate challenges you may encounter.

Whether you are looking to invest in a portfolio of commercial real estate, sponsor a real estate fund or simply optimise the efficiency and cost of your real estate footprint, our network of experts provide the insight and delivery capabilities you need.
In cooperation with renowned financial institutions, banks and insurance companies, we develop an individual, sustainable and flexible financing concept for you and accompany you through the entire process. 


The use of a building must be sensible and have features that appeal to both tenants and their guests.
Our creative concept concentrates on making a building modern and attractive, regardless of whether it is intended for rent or for sale. Design ideas are evaluated according to technical feasibility, cost level and their significance for the transaction and investment value of your residential or commercial property.

LUX Villas also handles the organisation of the commercial use – be it holiday rentals, long-term rentals or the marketing and sale of your property. 

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